How to know if someone muted you on MB WhatsApp?

If someone mutes you on MB WhatsApp he/she doesn’t get a notification of your messages but  It does not create any effect on your MB WhatsApp, nor do you get any direct notification. It can give you a signal that he/she has muted you specifically. 

The main purpose of muting you is to silence notifications for new messages in a conversation while keeping it in your main inbox. 

Let’s see how to know if someone muted on MB WhatsApp.

How to know if someone muted you on MB WhatsApp

Lack of Read Receipts:

If your messages continuously lack a double blue tick, even if the person is active on MB WhatsApp it means that person is not receiving alerts for new messages.

However, they might have also disabled read receipts completely for everyone. But it is a clue that you are muted. 

No “last seen” and “online“ updates:

If you cannot see someone’s last seen or status of being online, even if you have not Blocked, you may have muted or chosen to hide their last seen from only those they muted. But there is the possibility that have simply disabled their last seen for everyone. 

Limited conversations:

If someone is an active social media user and often has a chat with you but there is a noticeable decrease in a particular person’s responsiveness to your messages, could be a sign that they have muted you. 

Status updates:

 If the person regularly updates his status but does not respond to your messages it might be a sign that you are muted.

Remember: “Muting is meant to improve notification experience, not to punish or disrespect others”.


To sum up we can say, that there is no direct notification but, these are some indicators through which you can check if someone has muted you on MB WhatsApp. You can look for signs like fewer blue ticks, late replies, no last seen, and status updates.

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