How to Create an Account on MB WhatsApp?

MB WhatsApp is an unofficial and modified version of the original MB WhatsApp that offers so many features, the most important being dual accounts and airplane mood, that are not available in the official version of MB WhatsApp.

When you are going to create a first or second account you only need a phone number and verification code (OTP) that will be sent to you through SMS. 

How to Create an account in MB WhatsApp

Account creation:

Here is an easy way to open an account on MB WhatsApp:

  • Open MB WhatsApp tap on agree and continue.
  • Grant necessary permissions if required.
  • Enter your phone number with the exact code of your country and tap the next.
  • You’ll receive a 6-digit code through SMS. 
  • Enter the code into the app and verify your account.

Dual accounts:

This feature allows you that, at the same time, you can run your MB WhatsApp with two different accounts. You can declare one account as professional and the other one as personal.  

That is the one reason why MB WhatsApp is becoming the most popular app for messaging.

How to create account on mb whatsapp

How to make a second account on MB WhatsApp:

If you have already an account in your app and want to run another account, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Open MB WhatsApp on your phone with your existing account.
  • Click the option on “you” on the button on the screen and find the option “account”.
  • Here you find the option of “add account”. 
  • Click on “agree and continue”.
  • After that put your number according to the code of your country. 
  • After that, you will receive a 6-digit code and enter the code.
  • Finally, verify your account and enjoy your app.

Role of backup:

While making an account on MB  WhatsApp you have to enable backup to Google Drive. In the case of losing a phone, switch to a new phone or reinstallation of your MB WhatsApp. Backup serves to save your chat history, media, images, and visuals.

Setting up a profile:

After completing the process of account creation, you can set profile information.

  • After verification, you have to set your profile information.
  • Enter your name, as you want to appear to others.
  • Optionally, you can add any picture for your profile picture.
  • You can add any description according to your will. 

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To create an account on MB WhatsApp, start by downloading from a secure third-party app, as it is not available on the official Google Play Store. After installation open the app,  agree on the terms, input your phone number, and verify. Once you receive the 6-digit code put it in to complete the process. 

If you want to run another account on MB WhatsApp you can easily add it by repeating the same process for making the first account. 

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