How To Send 1000 Message Once On MB WhatsApp?

In this period of AI, it is possible to send one thousand messages once on MB iOS WhatsApp. Where  MB WhatsApp facilitates its users with so many advanced features it allows its users to save time and convey their message to them at once. 

If you are trying to mass advertise products or services, want to update a large number of groups or friends but don’t know how?

Stay tuned with this article, as it is going to reveal how to send one thousand messages at once. Here are two methods one is a third-party app and the second is scheduled messaging.

How To Send 1000 Message Once On MB WhatsApp

While using 3rd party-apps:

You can send one thousand messages while using the third-party app. If any instructions are given to complete your desired process, you must follow them according to the terms of the policy.  

1) Visit the Google Play store:

Visit your Google Play store and search for the app Auto-clicker app. Here is the link of the app

2) Install Auto-clicker app:

Search Auto-click on Google Play Store and find the latest version of this app. Click on the button to install or download, then complete the download. 

3) Complete the requirements:

After completing the download you have to fulfill the requirements and have to do some setting. After clicking on the option to open, two options are provided to you:

  • Single targets mood
  • Multiple targets mood

 You have to select the second option.

4) Compose your message:

Now open your MB WhatsApp your screen will show you a list of options like setting, start, and plus. You have to click on plus and then choose a letter that is the first letter of your word, for example, if your message is just” hello”. Click start and then “h”, click start and then “e” and repeat the same process until complete your message.

5) Click on start:

After competing for your message, click on the start button, and your message will be sent automatically for thousand times. 

Bones tip: “Before delving into a large project, test third-party apps with small and rough experiments.”

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Scheduled messaging:

Choose a chat:

Open your MB WhtsApp new version and select and open a targeted chat to send a message. You can create a new group if needed. 

Type a message:

Write your message, announcement, notification, or update. You can add any visuals, emojis, or different formats.

Access schedule option:

Where we can find the Scheduled option?

The location depends on the version of MB WhatsApp which is being run on your device.

Focus on the symbol of the timer or clock icon, or you can simply find it in the “setting” by clicking on three dots.

Set date and time:

Set a time and date according to your schedule, on which you want to send the message automatically. 

Confirm and review:

Check the selected contacts, content, time, date, and everything to avoid any disturbance. 

Bonus tip: “Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection and sufficient battery life to generate text at the scheduled time”


To sum up, we can say sending one thousand messages at once is b big achievement but stay careful while doing this. Always prioritize secure third-party apps and follow all the instructions. You can use a scheduled messaging system as an alternative and secure process. 

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